Monday, 5 March 2012

Green is in!

Willow Smith has gone green -- with her hair.

Over the weekend, the 11-year-old "Whip My Hair" singer debuted her green hair via her Instasgram account, with a series of new photos and inspirational quotes for her fans.

"I am starting a LAGIT thingy with people around the world . . . Can share ALL of their styles . . . #uniqlook," Smith wrote in a caption for one photo.

"Take Control . . .," she wrote for another.

In February, Smith shocked some of her fans when she posted new photos of her newly shaved head, fresh from a ballet class.

Three weeks later, she made hair headlines again when she dyed her shaved head bleach blonde.

"Nerds Rule,"  wrote on Twitter attaching a photo of her new look with extra-large glasses.

Smith's ever-changing hairstyles and eye-popping looks have earned her great praise, with some comparing her to the always enchanting Nicki Minaj.

Late last year, Minaj was featured on Smith's song "Fireball," along with a music video where the duo sported equally colorful outfits, hairstyles and dance moves.

Smith later paid tribute to Minaj by sporting a pink-ish bouffant wig in Los Angeles in January.

"Thank you @nikkiminaj, you're amazing," Smith wrote, along with a photo of her Minaj-esqe hair.

Smith, daughter Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, is gearing up for her debut album, "Knees and Elbows," out in April. Her biggest hit to date, "Whip My Hair," was released nearly two years ago, reaching as high as number two in the UK and number five on the US R&B Billboard chart.
 The 'Whip My Hair' star is only 11, so we'll give her a pass on the kooky look front - Pharrell, on the other hand, has no excuse.
see through for photos of Willow Smith's new green hair, along with photos of her recent hairstyles.

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