Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Are You Blocking Those Colours Right?

Right now at this very moment, I am giggling and struggling to write up this article. Why? Because embarking on a discussion about colour blocking, hits close to home. This new craze has been around for so many decades, I wonder what took us so long to make it “TRENDY AND CHIC”. Let’s be honest, loud and proud colourful ensembles make for a dynamic confident look. And although it’s been around for decades starting from the swinging sixties when the Brits showed the world just how to colour block by pairing white
knee high boots with dandelion yellow dresses and pink hair bands, people still turned their noses up at this method of dressing. And why not?! It was afterall to the average man of the 1980s colour riot!
I agree on one term and one term only, COLOUR BLOCKING can turn out horribly wrong and become a severe case of colour rioting if you don’t understand how to make bright colours work for you. The fool proof way to avoiding looking like a clown is to size up the colours in your closet. Pick one staple piece that has a strong vibrant colour and work around by adding other colours cautiously. Once you have added two or three more colours pick a black purse of a metallic gold belt or shoes to break off the look. This way you look bang on trend without hurting anyone’s eyes.
If you’re more confident in your colour blocking skills, you may not need a plain accessory to break off the colours. Simply study the colour palettes in your outfit and stick to not more than three different colours.

When it comes to colour blocking don’t just limit yourself to your wardrobe, colour blocking can also be infused in your make up looks too. Take a que from the creative people at DIOR. You can use neon eyeshadow and long lashes on your eyes, and on the lips a berry vampy lipcolour to tone it down. We don’t want you looking like an aspiring drag queen now do we? You eyes make the biggest statement on your face so focus on using colours that pop on your eyelids.

Same goes for your manicure. Don’t just stop at one colour, mix and match for a quirky and fun set of nails.

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