Sunday, 25 March 2012

Katy Perry of 2011

Katy Perry’s on my allowed list. I had this arrangement with my friend 'Amanda'..we actually wanted to do write some crazy and more different thing over the weekend so we thought about this to Katy Perry's new look wit the way shes going more blue by the day (though my best colour is blue), this was what i love back then in 2011

1. The 1920′s Flapper Look
With the flapper look, you always have to shut out of your mind the fact that the person you’re ogling would be like 110 years old if she were actually around in the days when this style was all the fashion. I’m willing to do that, because with her short hair Katy Perry’s looking pretty good.

2. The Punky Hairdresser Look
Jeans, a t-shirt, straight hair. Scissors that are both alluring and slightly emasculating. There’s the threat of danger. There’s the threat of pain. But then you look into her eyes and realize that she is a Christian, and that as long as you don’t de-eye or de-tooth her she won’t hurt you either. You breathe a sigh of relief, and start humming ‘Last Friday Night’ to yourself.

3. The Unnecessary Chinese Parasol Look
Everyone looks better with a giant cocktail umbrella. Fact. This is demure Perry; she could be a geisha or something.

4. The Flowery Blouse Look
There are two things I like about this look.
The blouse which looks like some sort of thing you find in the gift shops of Hawaiian hotels, and the bow in the hair. Could be better accentuated by a lei.

5. The American Apparel Look
Glittery corset coupled with rave-pink block sunglasses and a purple hoodie may well be the very best Katy Perry look I’ve ever seen. It’s the lazy-Sunday morning look; something that should be accompanied by a Bloody Mary and some eggs over easy.

6. The Black Leather Look
The black leather-fronted dress says she’s unholy. The giant diamond-studded crucifix informs you otherwise. It’s like Katy Perry meets glam Paramore or something, and seems like a look that Lady Gaga would be more likely to wear.

7. The Scottish Schoolgirl Look
Why not? If she wants to be Katy McPerry-Brand from the Scottish Highlands, then who am I to stop her? The undone bowtie and bangles only make the outfit seem all the more crazy.…

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