Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Rules For Wearing Sheer Inspired by Ashanti, Adrienne Bailon, Katy Perry and More

Guys, it occurred to me today: we’ve had to call the glambulance a lot lately and it’s all been in reference to a popular clothing trend…sheer. ADRENNIE, ASHANTI, KATE PERRY and so on have rocked sheer and done it terribly wrong.
While I’m not brave enough to wear a sheer dress, if you do want to rock the trend, there’s a way to do it without committing a glambulance-worthy offense. Ashanti’s pee-a boo dress at the Falguni & Shane Peacock NYFW show and Adrienne Bailon’s epic waldrobe mailfunction are great examples of what not to do. If you dare, here are some tips on how to get sheer right:

1. Never go bare underneath.

I get that the look is bold, attention-grabbing and dangerous but sheer outfits and no undergarments are just NOT the move. You run the risk of an Adrennie or a Kloe and Gaga  nip slip and well, we don’t have to tell you how embarrassing that is.

Plus the allure of sheer is in the tease. It’s the idea of covering up without covering at all that makes the trend special.

Putting it all out there totally ruins the moment and ends up looking more trashy than trendy.

2. Choose undergarments in the right color.

When it comes to picking undergarments, the key is to avoid loud colors that compete with your sheer outfit.

As a rule, black is a go-to hue for a look that covers you up without competing. But for bright hues like Fergie's gown at the Grammys and Solange's green Dolce & Gabbana dress in Milan, nude is the perfect hue to complement your look.

Nude lingerie could’ve really taken this look to the next level, am I right?

3. Make sure said undergarments are presentable.

Ladies, if you’re going to show off your lingerie, let it be fabulous! The biggest faux paux we see with sheer pieces is the wrong style of undergarment. From Kate Perry's short to Jessica White’s white panties, it’s clear an outfit can be ruined if you don’t choose the proper lingerie underneath.

Shapes like boy shorts and ‘granny’ panties don’t work under a sexy lace dress. High-cut (different from high-waist) briefs are significantly better. Bodysuits and shapers are also a stylish option for sheer lovers that ensures a smooth finish.
For a sheer top, if you want a feminine look, go for a dainty lace bra that is pretty enough to stand on it’s own (i.e. your fave comfy t-shirt bra won’t cut it). To keep the attention on the blouse, go for a black bandeau or cropped top underneath.

Hope these tips can help save somebody from committing an offense while rocking sheer!
What advice do you have for wearing sheer,Would you rock it?

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