Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Learn How To Put Your Best Foot Forward For Your Red Carpet Events!

Most events are now prepared with utmost scrutiny and pertinent attention to minute details, that you’d think the red carpet preparations was one for A-Listers going to celebrate themselves on an awards night.
With the great number of events planned weekly and the even bigger hoopla surrounding these events, it’s expected that people prepare accordingly for these events, right? Wrong!
There’s a huge misconception that the only concern when preparing for an event should be ’what will I wear?‘.  Of course it is not to be a naked fĂȘte but as much attention should be paid to certain areas often ignored, that are just as important.
Skin care.  What is a good looking (sometimes expensive) dress to an unhealthy skin? The necessity of a healthy skin goes  far beyond the physical appearance, its an insight into a person’s lifestyle (smoking, quantity of alcohol ingested routinely, amount of water consumed daily and type of diet). It might be surprising to hear that caring for your skin now is by far cheaper than having to later on deal with future skin defects. *insert sarcasm*
Here are a few inexpensive skin care regimens; of course as the skin is the largest organ of the body, these tips cover the face, underarms,thighs and any other areas of choice. Application of regimen depends on sensitivity of area and skin thickness. The first world’s best secret to a good skin is not using very hot water to bathe. That’s right! Somewhere we learnt it keeps the skin soft? Excessively hot water dries out your skin, and that’s not good-your skin needs to lock in moisture to remain healthy.  Relatively hot/ warm water is advised, cleans you up nicely and boosts blood flow.
Basic things to know, wash your face before application of facial masks, or steam regimen(whichever regimen you decide to adopt will be effective) before going to bed-this helps the skin ‘breathe’ and prevents accumulation  of natural oil secreted by the skin (which leads to acne).
And you don’t have to sell out all your properties to acquire effective skin products or adopt a daily regimen. The steam/ice pack is a magnificent combo. In a basin filled with hot water, hold your face above the bowl, but beneath a cloth/towel for 5-10minutes, this acts as deep cleanser and opens up clogged pores and lets out impurities. Added advantage of clearing up the sinuses. Right after this,  squirt the juice of a freshly sliced lemon on a face cloth and nicely clean up every area of your face. This helps cleanse the skin of dead cells, and also aids in giving an even skin tone. Rinse out  with warm water and hold in place an ice pack over your face for a few minutes to tighten those pores.

Make-up. For some, make-up is an enhancing property, for others, its a transformation property;whichever it is, the common base is having a daily skincare regimen to maintain great skin. It is advised to start off by using a cleanser ( a natural mixture of honey+olive oil+ sugar). This combination is great for ex-foliation. Apply moisturizer, this helps your make-up sit properly as opposed to having a rough and thick  composite. Primers and concealers are a sure way of getting an evened out and flawless look. Apply lightly, apply precisely.
Personal Style. It’s only wise to adopt a personal style in this season where one can’t keep following trends if only for the simple reason that these trends change twice as fast as or faster than you get money. I bet it is hard to keep up! Stay inspired by trends and what is hot on the streets, but steer clear from being  a slave to trends. Something about being different/standing out no matter what you’re doing pays off regularly and this advice is no different for a red carpet event!
Hair. We’ve been blessed with the ability to switch up hairstyles whenever we want. Try colour, try length, try curls, try short, try straight. Have fun with your hair- keep it fresh and clean always! Do not be limited, and Do not forget to drink lots of water! Water keeps your hair fibres moist and shiny and gives that shiny look we love so much. Water also prevents your skin from drying out too.

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