Thursday, 15 March 2012

Arise Magazine Fashion Lagos 2012 (AMFL): All the Street style

There was an unspoken truth of “Playing it safe” on the red carpet, in the lobby and even backstage because God forbid you were tagged as “Trying Too Hard”.  This year however, I was confronted with a surprising and simultaneously refreshing variety of style from guests, fashion lovers, designers and backstage workers. Not only were people pushing the envelop with fashion, they were brave enough to put their personal stamp on the latest trends by breaking fashion rules and styling themselves in what they felt most comfortable in. From ambitious colour blocking, minimalism at its most extreme to print mania this year’s street style will definitely give you an opinion of your own. While cutting edge street style is an acquired taste to most of us, you cannot deny the refreshing sense you get from rule breakers in fashion. Feast your eyes!

 Source: 360nobs

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  1. wow!! some styles really took my breathe away.