Friday, 2 March 2012


Hey guys, so I will give you a history of how I came across this amazing line called Madam Wokie. Don’t worry, I am not going to put you to sleep. I actually was just goggling cool african dresses, and came across this beautiful pink and purple cut out dress. It was just yummy. Anyways long story short, they are from my country Sierra Leone and they are simply amazing. I love the fun, fresh and modern twist that they give the traditional African Prints. Anyways, Check out their Fab Look Book and If you want some more eye candy, head over to
One of their first pieces I fell in love with! Yummy!!
These outfits which were manufactured and designed in Sierra Leone, were unveiled last year at Africa Fashion Week New York.

This first design, dubbed the Selita dress is a signature Madam Wokie piece. It is geared towards the everyday working woman who wants to look stylish  while going about her business. The array of colors were used to make her look stand out while the simplicity of the design is to make her more accessible to her peers
Sai:Stripes are always in for me and these are beyond beautiful!

This second dress we infused the traditional Mende Country Cloth with traditional Krio Print designs to give a modern twist  to a very popular traditional attire.
Sai: This green is amazing. Love the prints.

Our third piece was geared towards the  outgoing party girl who isn’t scared to take risks with her outfit or flaunt what she’s got. Although the dress is figure-hugging and simple, the cut-out designs are there to give the dress an edge
Sai: Cut-outs are ultra feminine, sexy and confident.

This fourth look, has figure-hugging top and shirt, also deigned for the outgoing lady who wants to look simple yet sexy while on a night out. The ruffles were added to the bodice to add some flair to the top .

 This last piece was designed for the ultra-feminine, yet stylish lady. The bottom of her full-skirted cocktail dress is also infused with traditional print designs to give a bit of an edge to her simple dress.
Cant get enough of these fabulous African Inspired Pieces? Then Head over to


  1. That last dress is amazing! I think African style is really cool with all the amazing colours and patterns combined :)

  2. I love it!! ♥