Tuesday, 27 March 2012

HELLO NIGERIANS! Enrol your little cute Diva now!

Gale Entertainment, Owner of Little Africa Child Pageant presents Little Nigerian Child Pageant.
Little Nigerian Child Pageant (LNCP) is a pageant for kids living in Nigeria (boys and girls within ages 3-10). It is the first international Child Pageant in Nigeria. This pageant is not the regular beauty pageant we are used to in this part of the world because it is not just about beauty but set to celebrate the little ones amongst us, the ones we look at and their smiles bring joy and pride in our hearts. These are the people responsible for our daily hustles and it is time to celebrate them and give them a place in the society.
Registering your child or ward for this pageant is one of the best thing you can do for him/her which money cannot get them, as LNCP will bring out the mental best in your child by developing their confidence, energizing their poise and their self-esteem to rule their world both presently and in future.
We are here to encourage the intellectual abilities of Children in Nigeria and give them a sense of belonging. Little Nigerian is an annual International event and winners prizes include 1million Naira, Trip to Disneyland Paris, Scholarship, Modeling contracts and Represent Nigeria in Most Beautiful Babies in America in September 2012, Educational materials and lots of Consolation prizes.
Registration Forms are now on Sale!! GRAB A COPY!! visit www.littlenigerian.com.ng

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