Saturday, 1 September 2012

Fashionista For The Month Of September: Tyquan

It is a slow….day here on this month's edition, but hopefully this fashionista Tyquan from New Jersey will help stimulate our stylish senses!
He says, “How do I explain my style?”

” Always changing.”

“I’m a fashion student at the Art Institute of Philadelphia.”

“Clothes play a big part of my life.”

” Getting dressed is the most important & my favorite part of the day.”

” Fashion is my escape from my small, [crime filled] city.”

“I love to play around with colors…”

“…Putting colors that you wouldnt normally see together, together!”

“I get looked at like I have three heads sometimes, but I can care less what people think.”

“… I’m known as the Maniak Manikin, the name says it all.”

Ah! This is the welcome jolt of fashion I needed today! Tyquan, I love your use of color, your singular accessories, and you overall look! Love!
Do you?

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