Sunday, 1 April 2012

Rihanna’s New Long, Jet-Black Hair

Fashionistas, Is it an April Fool’s Joke? Is Rihanna finally done with the red, brown and blonde hair and back to jet black? The pop star, who changes her hair probably as much as I do, has traded in the blonde locks that a lot of you didn’t love for a darker color. And it looks pretty dope, I must say. Here are some flicks from Rih’s instagram

she revealed long, jet-black locks rocked with a swoop that channeled the late great Aaliyah‘s timeless and glamazing hairstyle. Love those Anna-Karin Karlsson Kitten Noir sunglasses she also wore here.

Her hair also looks a little half-shaven on the side (cue Cassie and Jada Pinkett-Smith). Is that in again?
When a fan tweeted back with a picture of her infamous black cut from back in the day, she replies:

Girl, it was all about that short cut on you.
Black has always been my favorite color on Rih so I’m happy she left her blonde and crayola red phase for awhile.
And if you remember her exchange with a Twitter fan over her ‘nappy hair,’ the caption “Cuz I’m black b*tch” is extra funny. That girl is a trip.
What do you think of her new color?