Tuesday, 17 April 2012

How Young Is Too Young To Wear Make-Up?

I was cruising over at Essence.com when I saw an article about Walmart’s new Tween Makeup Line called GeoGirl:

The collection, which hit stores in February, is targeted towards girls aged 8-12. The 69 product assortment will include blush, mascara, face shimmer, and lipstick. Carmen Bauza, WalMart’s merchandise manager of beauty and personal care, explained, “GeoGirl is about teaching this generation about beauty care in a responsible way.”
Hmm, age 8-12 is way too young to be wearing makeup in my opinion. Shouldn’t girls be more focused on simply playing, learning, and being a kid?
Unless you’re a pop star…

Leave the makeup for your momma!
What do you think? What is the best age for girls to start wearing makeup?
Read more at Essence.com.

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