Saturday, 14 April 2012

Do You Know Them?

I know it would be a lot easier to just write about 1 photographer in the name but well every1 and any1 has probably done that, so today instead of conforming to the norm, i have decided to bring forth 5 amazingly creative photographers you might not know but SHOULD. Here they are , in no particular order!!

  • Obi Somto
(The photographer Obi Somto)

(Amazing Photograph by Obi Somto)

  • Akin Osinbajo
(The photographer Akin, also known as our very own leo)
(amazing Photograph he took)

Bayo omoboriowo
(Amazing Photograph he took)
(photographer Patrick Alistair Englebert Preston)

(Amazing Photo he took)

  • Udoh Victor Augustine
(Photographer Udoh Victor Augustine)

(An amazing photo of his)

  • Peter Bello
(Photographer Peter Bello)

(Amazing Photograph by Peter Bello)

So yes it would have been nice to talk about kelechi but well there's 5 photgraphers here who are breaking boundaries, and striving furiously to be were he is and beyond, they definitely deserve the limelight.

p.s: for further info on these photographers, you can write on our facebook page and we'll respond a.s.a.p

Love you all

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