Saturday, 7 April 2012

Fashionista Of This Weekend: J. Williams From L.A

He writes, “I’m a visual designer/ photographer based out of Los Angeles. “

“Having been born and raised in the mid-west and later relocating to a major metropolitan hot-spot, my style draws working class essentials and contemporary minimalism. “

My clean straightforward design aesthetic favors the subtly of textures over the flare of print and I’m big on having a complementing color pallet.

“I believe a person’s appearance is the first hello when meeting someone so I tend to choose “comforting embraces” when selecting clothes.”

“I’m currently a finalist in BMW’s “0 to Desir3 Campaign, you can view and vote for my video at”

“You can learn more about me and my work at”

Clean shaven and well spoken? Boom, you’re the bomb! See more of J William at and vote for him in BMW’s campaign here.
What do you think?

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