Saturday, 14 April 2012

TY Bello Reveals Hair Secrets..Natural or Weave??

Like many chicks who’ve seen singer & photographer TY Bello on red carpets and in videos, I’ve often wondered about her hair! Is it all hers? It looks super healthy & natural…could it be weave? Surely not…it looks way too natural to be one.
When she premeiered her latest video The Future on Bella Naija, most of the comments were about her hair! Not the song or video! So I knew I wasn’t only one that wondered.
I was doing my usual blog troll this morning and spotted over at Fancy Hub that TY had revealed the secrets to the most lusted-after mane in the industry, on twitter. So for those that wants a lucious mane like TY’s…check on her hair secrets after the jump

Its taken me a couple of years of practice with natural hair texture to figure out what works for my hair.
I have natural hair and texturise very lightly though, because I start to have my hair break once my texturised curl pattern is different from that of my natural growth.
A few years ago, Banke Meshida introduced me to kinky curly, so I use the whole range.
I love my own hair, but work has me on the move all the time and I find that unless its twisted ,my natural hair tends to revert with naija humidity.. So my sisters.. I’ve learnt to love my weave.
A good weave that blends flawlessly with natural hair is … Sleek afro cool curl. You can get it at their stores in lagos. Ify Ugochukwu kept me stocked with those babies for years. Its really versatile so I blow dry and twist for a more natural finish.
My motto for weaves though, is to make sure its as close to your hair as possible. If any one has to ask,  ”What weave is that ?”  Then you’ve failed.  I must confess that sometimes even I get carried away and pile on hair till I look like a tree. I used to be a hairstylist for years so I cut and layer my own hair (yes! nautral hair is better layered to fit your face). I’m looking forward to getting back into the hair business, maybe not as a stylist this time but I’ve been cooking up some potions for natural hair in humid weather, they actually work! Its funny cause I’ve been mixing stuff up for hair since I was eleven. Yeah.. And warmed up shea butter mixed with shea oil is magic on the scalp, just let it warm up in the microwave a bit and slather on your scalp. I massage and leave on for hours before I wash.
So there you have it…It is a weave…people! Sleek Afro Curl…its about $20 a pack! Mehn! I was hoping it was all hers tho…chicks like TY are my hair inspiration!
I am so trying to get of the creamy crack…but that ish has got me good!
If you are looking for Sleek Afro Cool Curl…Google/Tejuosho Market/PAK Cosmetics is ur friend :)
Source [Fancy Hub]
Images [TY Bello Website]
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