Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Easy Steps To Apply Flawless Everyday Makeup!

To have the best looking daily makeup, for school, work/office, you have to apply makeup properly from start to finish. Id show you how in quick easy steps.
1. Makeup must be applied on healthy clean skin. So wash as usual, exfoliate twice a week, tone, and moisturize.
2. Use a foundation primer always before applying foundation. What this does is set your foundation in properly, hold back sweat and allow makeup last longer.
3. Apply foundation, using a foundation wedge sponge. The wedge sponge might ultimately become your best buy for makeup ever. Application of foundation with a wedge is crease-less and toned out.

4. If you have blotches on your face, or blemishes/spots, dot concealer in right after foundation. I have had many clients ask whether to apply concealer before or after foundation. The best way is to apply concealer after foundation. This is because foundation already covers at least 60% of blotches, concealer just covers the rest of it. If you use a concealer first, the idea of using foundation to create a smooth canvas would be flawed
5. Next Apply powder to set foundation in. using either a powder brush or the same wedge sponge you used for foundation.
6. Fill in your already groomed brows with the right shade of brow pencil. For most African american/Black women, the brow pencils vary from different shades of browns. Remember, in filling the brows, what you are doing is creating a beautifully arched brow that is as natural looking as possible. So shade in, don’t draw.
7. Apply subtle shades of eyeshadow. For day makeup, you don’t want to come off as overly made up or coloured in. So you must use matte eyeshadows in warm palettes that complement your skin tone.

8. Use a pencil or liquid liner to line out just above your lash line, on the crease of your eyes. What this does is to pop out your eyes and balance your entire look. Lining your lower lash line isn’t so necessary but if you must be carefully not to shade in too dark.
9. Use a rich lengthening mascara to emphasize your lashes, sweeping the wand from left to right, in and out till you have got the desired look
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10. Apply lipstick and/or gloss to finish up your look. Dab powder again and you are ready to go!

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