Sunday, 20 May 2012

Buy Kim Kardashian's Old Clothes on EBay

We can't make this stuff up. Kim and Kourtney have teamed with the e-commerce site's Fashion Vault, which hosts weekly flash sales with all sorts of designer goodies. The latest sale is titled "Kardashians' Closet" and is filled with Kim and Kourtney's pricey castoffs -- think Christian Louboutin, Fendi, Burberry, Gucci and a surprising amount of Alexander Wang.
With an insatiable appetite for designer gear and a schedule full of red carpet appearances, why would Kim want to empty out her closet (and on eBay, no less)? For charity, of course: "a portion of the proceeds" from Kim's sale will go to Life Change Community Church, the reality family's house of worship (yes, Kim Kardashian goes to church).
Another reason Kim may be jettisoning a portion of her closet, some speculate, is her new BF, Kanye West. We have noticed (and Fashionista even illustrated) that since beginning her "relationship" with Kanye, Kim has ditched her colorful outfits, opting instead for black, white and gray numbers. Black leggings and a white jacket for date night, an LBD at the Lakers game, a black and white halter dress for a Chanel dinner -- as one half of KimYe, Kim is all monochrome, all the time.
So where has all the leopard print gone? On eBay -- although to be fair, there's plenty of black, white and gray Kimmy clothes being sold online, too.
Peruse Kim's online flash sale (we've rounded up most of the pieces below). You may be surprised to find how much you like some of the items, from classy black pumps to slouchy Alexander Wang dresses. Luckily it's all on sale for the next three days, so that Cavalli animal-print jumpsuit can still be yours.
Go to to shop it all. 
 Did you have a big sister whose hand-me-downs you were forced to inherit? Well, imagine that big sister was Kim Kardashian. However, unlike your sis, Kim K wants you to pay for her old clothes...Which only serves to remind us ... it's nice to be Kim Kardashian (sigh).
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Kim Kardashian's eBay Sale

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