Friday, 4 May 2012

Fashion Jury: Your Bra Should'nt See The Camera!!

How could you??? Ok let's forget the bra thing, i love her shoes...I’m not sure who Hazel-E is, but when you see an inverted heel, in most cases it’s either Giuseppe Zanotti or Jeffrey Campbell. In this case, it’s the latter–Hazel-E shined in Miami in these $165 STR8UP Wood Sculpted Wedges by Jeffrey Campbell.

The extravagant 6 1/2″ platforms curves into heel-less height under a soft suede sandal.
Cute!If you love ‘em, get ‘em at Nordstrom. See a few other styles plus the original Giuseppe Zanotti option here:

Now that the shoe mystery has been solved, can someone enlighten me: who is Hazel-E?

SN, I see you Teaira Mari!..i love her sheer orange shirt, her shinny leather short <3 I'm making them for my self!

Yay! I saw something else Hazel-E wore that i would like to make too..;) <3 You want??

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