Sunday, 20 May 2012

Fashionista Of The Week: Naty From New Jersey

Happy New Week!
We’re starting this fantastic week with Naty from New Jersey: Lets check out her style...
She says, “I started up my own fashion blog,, back in December, and my goal has just been to try and inspire others with my personal style.”

“I love being creative and fashion is just another way for me to be able to do that.”

“For the most part, I shop at inexpensive stores and I like being able to show people that it’s not always about the brand you are wearing.”

” You can easily take an inexpensive piece and make it look expensive by the way you style it. ”

“My style is a mix of chic & classy, simple & feminine, and flirty & edgy. I’m pretty versatile and I love to switch it up on a daily basis but there’s certain staple pieces, like blazers, that I always gravitate towards.”

I like to keep up with the latest trends, but that doesn’t mean I will wear something just because it’s trendy. If I don’t personally like it, then I won’t wear it just because everyone else is.”

“At the end of the day, I think the most important thing is to be confident and comfortable in your own skin and make sure that the clothes you wear reflect who you are as an individual. :)”

How cute are you? Love all your looks, but the floral pants,brown leather clutch and the yellow blazer are my the way i love your look when your hair is packed up. Rock it girl! :)

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