Friday, 4 May 2012

Men’s Fashion: Chris Brown’s Bikini Snatch Monster Shirt

Japanese artist Rockin’ Jelly Bean is quite the eccentric character, wearing Labrador masks at public appearances and creating some pretty vivid and sometimes vulgar imagery. Chris Brown likes to stay on the cutting edge of fashion and at his very own Dum English Toy Launch in Hollywood, he wore a $63 Rockin’ Jelly Bean Return of the Bikini Snatch Monster Shirt:

His shirt features the artist’s graphic, fully equipped with buxom bikini-clad women, monsters and bold font. You can see why guys like these right? lol

Chris definitely goes there in terms of style and I salute him for rocking pieces that aren’t mainstream! It’s refreshing and though Rocking Jelly Bean’s art is not for everyone, his creations certainly require a lot of talent.
If you’re up for it, you can purchase his shirt at
What do you think?

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