Friday, 1 June 2012

12 Shopping Rules To Live By...

 For some people, shopping can be daunting, confusing or a plain old bore. I’ve drawn up this list of  tips to help make your next shopping excursion a fabulous one! And for those of you who love shopping, this list can act as an added supplement to what you’re already doing.
1. Know Your Personal Style.
Are you classic, vintage, boho, trendy…? A good way to find out is by analyzing your personality and what type of clothes you feel great in.
2. Don’t Shop While Hungry.
The worst feeling in the world is to be hungry while searching through racks of clothes! Although shopping is fun, it also takes energy. Eat before hand and if you will be out for long, bring a snack (like an energy bar). Also, have a bottle of water on hand in case you get thirsty. Comfort is the key to making smart shopping choices.
3. Make A List Before Heading Out.
Do you need basics: jeans, a crisp white button down shirt? A dress to wear to a wedding? A list will help you stay focused so that you don’t go home feeling like you wasted your time.
4. Know Your Shopping Style.
Are you the kind of person that needs  to shop alone in order to stay focused? Make your trip solo. If you like to have fashion guidance, like I do for my clients, be sure to bring that person along.
5.Timing Is Everything.
If you are a slow shopper give yourself adequate time to shop so you don’t feel rushed and subsequently make bad choices.
6. Sales.
Be aware of sales that are occurring. But remember- its not a bargain – even at 90% off- if it doesn’t fit your personal style of flatter your figure.
7. Have A Budget In Mind.
You want to have some sort of guideline so that you don’t leave the store with buyer’s remorse.
8. Plan Ahead.
Give yourself at least 2 weeks prior to an event to find your dress, etc. You’ll need extra time after that to shop for accessories.
9. Be A Conscious Shopper.
That sparkly top may look fab on the hanger, but will you actually wear it? Is it fitting your personal style and flattering your figure? These are questions you want to ask yourself continuously. Or else that sparkly top may be doomed to a permanent spot in your closet because you’ll never wear it.
**10. My Most Important Rule- Try On!**
Always try before you buy!! This is the one step people miss because of unwillingness to wait in line, or simply not feeling like trying on. This step is crucial. You have to see every item on your body for the simple fact that we are not built like hangers. Clothes can look very different when you try them on. Walk around the fitting room while wearing the clothes. Sit in it, bend in it. If possible, take a picture of yourself in the fitting room mirror. This is one of my tricks. A picture gives you a very accurate look at the fit and proportion of the clothes. If you can’t find your exact size, go up a size and get it tailored to fit. Also make sure zippers work and that buttons are secure.
11. Dress To Shop.
Wear clothes that are comfortable and chic. Wear clothes that are easy on/off to make trying on a breeze. Also if you are looking for a special item, wear or bring undergarments ex- a strapless bra or thong underwear.
12. Check The Return Policy.
Some stores don’t give cash back, just store credit. Some stores make sale items “final sale”. Be sure before you buy!

Happy shopping : )

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