Monday, 18 June 2012

Splurge: Evelyn Lozada’s Inner Circle Book Signing Helmut Lang Cutaway Jacket and Drawstring Pants

It seems Evelyn Lozada loves the brand of well…!
The new author slipped on a full Helmut Lang look to sign her new book, “The Wives Association: Inner Circle” at Barnes and Noble in the Bronx, slipping on a $575 Cutaway Jacket and matching $350 Drawstring Pants, along with Christian Louboutin platform pumps:

 The crepe cropped pant and jacket combo comes in gray as well as white:

Evelyn’s jacket is sold out, but her pants are still on sale at Barney’s! Get the look in gray or white here:
I love the combo, but would have worn the jacket open. She looks a little stuffed into it, no?

What do you think of her look? And will you be buying her book?
*As we reported here, Lala wore a pair of the pants, though her pockets look as if they have a blue-ish tone:

I was going to do a Who Wore it Better, but the pants look slightly different on La, no?
*Lala has also worn the same jacket in white with Rag & Bone jeans:

Everyone loves Lang now…

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