Wednesday, 29 February 2012


   Wow, I haven't seen men wear so much at once colour in a very long time, I must say I am quite impressed by the amount of  male fashionistas out there willing to try something new, similar to what the women are wearing this spring/ summer. It's colour blocking all the way. Don't get it twisted..colour blocking is not just what we women do! Men Colour Block too and they do it well. Sometimes it might just be odd accessories but its still very effective! Check out these flying dudes rocking bold block colours! enjoy ;)

Naeto C! He puts the 'N' in in FashioN!! The orange and blue together! Perfect match!

I'm loving the cardigan..go Diddy!

Don't you just love Kanye's sense of fashion?!

D'banj making it look easy and classy! <3

Kanye does it with no effort

love love love! <3

You gotta look forward to Kanye's styles...he's such a risk taker. lol

Lance Gross knows a thing or two about colour!

Lance! This coral blazer is to die for....<3

Pharrell this is too cute!! Makes me wanna sing!

Colour blocking at its in love!

Tie is totally insane, very different from what I am used to seeing, and that waist coat, is very fancy, lovely print at the back, seems its Burberry so guys go get yours, it's better to stand out fashionably trust me!

 Yay, finally got to the "it bag". I know a lot of guys do not carry bags, but this look overall is so sexy, I mean very hot in every sense of the word. Check out the colour blocking going on (absolutely insane), am sorry you can't see the full outfit but the point is to check out the colour palette and get inspiration on how to mix and match your own outfit to create a colour block effect too; from their pants, to the shoes and finally their bags.....and if you can take note, they had no socks on. If you can pull this look off you are certified...period!

Even kids are not joking...guys step up your game!

Now, what can I say about the guy wearing the yellow converse, I love the overall outfit, from the scarf on his neck to  the sweater, blazer and pants. Like the idea of matching as well....another laid back look but very stylish too!

I love the multi-coloured pants, its very nice if you can own at least three different colours, it gives you  a little more inspiration on what and how to wear them. This season, you can never go wrong, be sure of that!

Finally, wearing a complete suit doesn't mean you can not wear neon brights, ofcourse you can, be creative or rather more adventurous  someone might just fall in love with your swag!   

Tinie Tempah always shocks me! This powder blue suit with the off white/grey tee! Shocking! I love!

DAMN! This is MAJOR! Mr. Dayo Ephraim you have left me speechless with this one! I love you for this! 



I hope you enjoy looking at the photos and if you are a certified fashionista then go shopping, it's well worth it! And for the less courageous ones, all you need is to take me along :D, you wont regret it I promise, by the time am done, you would be certified indeed! hehe..... Have a fabulous leap year special day!

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