Wednesday, 29 February 2012


The fashion world is now hosting a color block party and everyone is invited! Color blocking is all about combining bold and bright colors to create a striking and confident look for any occasion.

Celebs, too, are enjoying the party with the opportunity to showcase their unique styles. I believe that color blocking will be around for a while.

If you seek a softer, more calm look, use neutral colors. Colors such as brown ,dark green, and burnt orange, would be perfect together. Have fun with color blocking on a day out to the mall or lunch with a friend.

I have always been a fan of color blocking ever since it first hit the scene in 2009. Even though color blocking is suppose to show off your creatives side, there are still some rules if you really want to make a fashion statement. Many use the rule of two-thirds. When using the rule of two thirds, you make an equilateral triangle on the color wheel and pick two out of three colors that the triangle touches, more than likely the colors will click and harmonize perfectly. Show off your creative and unique style by joining fashion’s color block party…where everyone is invited!

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