Tuesday, 7 February 2012


What’s better than a talented designer, who aside from promoting herself, helps uplift other designers from 3rd world countries around the globe? Meet Nakia Fisher. As well as creating handmade jewelry inspired by African Adinkra Symbols, she also showcases handmade home decor products by fair trade artisans from Lima, Peru; Divine chocolate from Ghana; and luxurious textiles from Zambia. Nakia says of her mission:

“Through fair trade organizations and direct contact with artisans around the world, it has been a blessing to have the ability to promote social and economic justice for people in developing regions by marketing their handicrafts in a just and direct manner.”

As well as being socially conscious, Nakia designs striking earrings, necklaces and bracelets made from amethyst, prehite and onyx. She also paints the artwork on soy candles available on her site. Cynirje will soon have cruelty free leather Adinkra journals and stationary from India. For now head to www.cynirje.com to browse through the variety of high quality jewelry, pottery, wine charms, candles, textiles and chocolates, all of which are waiting for you to buy them and make your home a cultural melting pot of style!

1. Jade Bassari, $40; 2. Kasani I, $80; 3. Kotu, $30; 4. Adinkra Charm Bracelet, $75; 5. Krobo, $30; 6. Kassena II, $70; 7. Karo, $65; 8. Masai, $30; 9. Tiger Eye Bassari, $40, www.cynirje.com

Left to right: Floral I, $95; Blossom III, $70; Siphon I, $100; Aurole I, $90, www.cynirje.com
COURTESY: ilikeherstyle.com

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