Thursday, 16 February 2012


If there is one thing I cannot stand (today) it is people sneering at what other people are wearing. I really, I mean I REALLY hate it.

Do you remember when Bjork wore a swan dress to the Oscars in 2001,

and got torn apart by the Fashion police? I can still remember the sneering and the sounds of snarling from fashion hacks everywhere. The only way the comments could have been more barbed was if she had gone to the river and caught the bloody thing herself. It was that hated. (could you imagine if Twitter had been around then? Top trending topic for DAYS I imagine? oooooh could you imagine the hashtags?)

Now personally, I think she looked great. It isn't really me I grant you, but it is very Bjork. it suited her style and personality.

And that is the problem with fashion,

Fashion dictates a trend, but doesn't cater for individual style.

Give me Helena Bonham-Carter ANY day of the week over cut-out copy movie stars.

Fashion for me is ALL about individual taste and style, not following the latest "bang-on-trend" erm, trend. Fashion is about taking risks, and not giving a DAMN about what anyone else thinks.

I don't want to be told that plaid is so this season dahhhhling or be sneered at for wearing a blazer which is by the wrong designer (chances are it would be New Look or Matalan) Skinny Jeans are so 2011? Big deal, tell it to someone who actually cares.

I feel sorry for people who are slaves to fashion, it must be exhausting constantly keeping up with trends or living in fear of finally being found out (Yep Alexa Chung, I'm looking at you love)

And who is to say that the people being sneered at on the red carpet for wearing the wrong colour, the wrong cut, or just wearing the wrong thing aren't the ones who are actually ahead of the trend?

Let us remember, it wasn't so long ago that people were being absolutely slaughtered in print for being papped wearing something they had been seen wearing BEFORE!!! (Oh the shame) Now you put it away for a couple of years, call it VINTAGE and you are a FASHION QUEEN.

Fashion shouldn't dictate what you wear, fashion should be FUN, fashion should be about taking risks, wearing what you love and enjoying it.

You will NEVER catch me sneering at someones outfit. Who am I to judge what someone else is wearing, if it makes them feel good, if THEY are happy to wear it and feel confident wearing it, then more power to them. (yes, even Jodie Marsh)
(Gets down off soap box and allows you the floor)

What do you think about fashion? Are you a dedicated follower? Or would you rather SET the trend than follow it?

Let me know

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