Thursday, 12 July 2012

Show Review: Versace Fall 2012 Couture

Taking place at the famed Ritz Paris, the attendees were able to view a collection that is every bit a hallmark of the iconic fashion house.

The inspiration for this offering was said to be that of tarot cards. The show was opened by model Lindsey Wixon who made her way down the runway dressed in a white A-line trench, cinched at the waist to perfection.

From there we were taken on a roller coaster that ran the gamut of titillating minidresses to elaborate evening gowns.

Each garment was crafted with the essence of a woman’s sensuality firmly in mind. There was ample use of chiffon, silk, prints, and beading. With a color palette ranging from blush pinks to look-at-me chartreuse, there was hardly a shortage of hues represented. The necklines often plunged to daring places, while the slits were cut to put thighs on full display.

I am fully loving this collection. What is perhaps brilliant is how wearable the pieces are, which is often not the case when it comes to couture. While the boundaries could have been pushed further for artistic effect, it was a stellar collection from Versace. Here’s to looking to the future, and the many amazing designs that will surely ensue.
What did you think of Versace’s latest collection?

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