Monday, 13 August 2012

Fashionista of the Week: Robyn From Detroit

We’re continuing the Fashionista blitz with Robyn from Detroit, Michigan:
She says, “Recently moved to Chicago at the beginning of Summer, but my style is D-Girl Fresh :).

“I’m a curvy girl so I like to wear anything that looks cute, not too revealing, sexy, with a touch of swag.”

” I mix and match pieces a lot. Rarely do I wear “outfits” or things that are intentionally supposed to go together.”

“If I had to choose a brand I like best, it would be BCBG. I shop there the most. Everything there is classic and can be work time after time in different ways. I love it!”

“.. I also shop at Forever 21 (regular and Plus sizes), H&M, or wherever I see something that stands out to me.”

Alright! You better work it, curvy girl. My favorite might be your Denim jacket and flair skirt look.
What do you think of Robyn?

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