Friday, 30 December 2011

Pops of Color

Color is so in this season that it’s not even funny. Think of everyone’s favorite summer treat, the popsicle, and don those warm bright colors of yellows, oranges, red, salmons, purples, plums, and corals. “The colors, Duke! The colors!” Make sure you walk out that front door with a pop of color. Perhaps, that pop is located within the check of your plaid shirt, a summer scarf, or for the bolder fashionista, grab a pair of shorts or a blazer in a vibrant tone. Not only will you be looking super summer chic, but that tan will glow brighter than Jennifer Lopez the bolder you go.

With all that being said, the modern man is ready to hit the streets looking super fashionable from head to toe. Remember, anything goes during the summer season of patio dining whilst downing an ice-cold brew, darting straight into that air-conditioned subway car upon arrival, and countless ice cream trucks blaring “Pop Goes the Weasel” into the late hours of the night. A good summer shoe (or three), nautical-inspired attire, and bold colors will keep you looking fresh while battling the downpour of sweat that will undoubtedly be emitted from every pore on your body. Try to stay cool, look stylish, and my final tip of the day, always pack an extra shirt at all times. Trust me, you’ll definitely need it this summer.

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