Monday, 20 May 2013

5 Easy Hairstyles You Can Do with Your Hair!

By Jennifer Obiuwevbi
Ever had those moments where you just don’t know what to do with your natural hair? Most times the only thing you can think of doing is giving it a relaxed treatment and heading for a good old High Bun. Well that snot all you can do with your hair, braids or even your weave.
There are so many hairstyles littered on YouTube that can help your style your natural hair making it look innovative  fresh and uniquely yours. With this in mind are you willing to try seem of these amazing hair do’s with me? Here are 5 hairstyles from bloggers on YouTube to keep you looking good even when you don’t have a weave on.
1. The French Braid Fringe
Hairstyles to do with Natural Hair - BellaNaija - 
When I found this hairdo on Youtube I immediately knew what I was going t have on next week. It’s fun, new and different for the regular girl who is used to doing the same hairstyles. Here Beauty & Style blogger Shirley Eniang of Meek-n-Mild is displaying a great way to do a French Braid Fringe. The hairdo is simple enough that it doesn’t look too stressful to achieve and so unique that it looks like you had it done at a salon.
Check out her tutorial below on how you too can get the French braid fringe hairstyle.

2. Milk Maid Braid
Hairstyles to do with Natural Hair - BellaNaija - 
We may not have them here… but we can definitely imitate their hairstyles. The milk braid is perfect for a day at the beach, an intimate dinner or just a relaxed day at home. With this hair do you might need a bit more materials compared to the French braid fringe, but the end result makes it worth the hassle. Here Shirley is back with a great version where she has incorporated Xpressions artificial hair extensions to make the braid.
Click play to learn how to achieve this ‘do.

3. Bantu Knots (With straightened or relaxed hair)
Hairstyles to do with Natural Hair - BellaNaija - 
Confession? I tried this last week and I absolutely loved it. It was different from my usual side or centre part weave and a fresh look. The hairstyle takes little or nothing to do, all you need is a mirror, some bobby pins and maybe a curling pudding (optional). The tutorial below is from where they show you just how easy it is to do.

4. The Hypnotic Roll
Hairstyles to do with Natural Hair - BellaNaija - 
I especially loved this hairstyle because if you feel like you still want to do a high bun, it doesn’t mean you cant have fun with it. This Hypnotic Roll hairstyle looks really vintage and we all know vintage never goes out of style. Here natural hair blogger Brittany from will show us how we can style this up do.

TIP: Instead of using the Marley hair used in the tutorial video, you can also make use of the Xpressions extensions Shirley used in her Milkmaid Braid tutorial. It would give you a varied outcome but you can still play around with it to give it your signature.
5. Twisted Braid Up Do
Hairstyles to do with Natural Hair - BellaNaija - 
For those gals who want a mix between braids, twists and the up do…here you go. This retro hairstyle is great when you’re protecting your hair from harsh weather or otherwise. Here Brittany is showing us this hairstyle and just a quick tip; still keep your Xpressions extensions because you will definitely need it here. Its really quick and little or no product was used. Click play to find out more.

There you have it, 5 easy enough hairstyles that could get your hair looking fabulous. Tried any before, be sure to say so in your comments and share any useful tips you might have on spicing up our natural hair. Enjoy!

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