Thursday, 19 January 2012


Its all about prints! Printed tees, dresses, skirts, and even printed bags. But what’s a girl to do with so many choices and so many prints? If you’ve been to any store or mall in the past festive period, you’ve probably noticed a TON of printed items, but which should you pick up, and when you do, how do you wear these prints properly?
 Here are a few thumb rules when wearing prints that you should really stick to:

 1. ONE PRINT AT A TIME: Wear one print at a time. Prints stand out a lot, so it’s best to keep the rest of your look simple. If you decide to go for a printed tee, keep your bottoms to one color… preferably a color that is already in the print. See the picture below;

2. START WITH ACCESSORIES: Start with accessories and work your way up! A good place to start experimenting with prints is with bags,and shoes. An animal print shoe is a sure way to make your whole outfit stand out.

3. ANIMAL PRINTS: When wearing animal prints, it’s always best to stick to black for the rest of the outfit. So if you’re wearing an animal print dress, stick to black shoes and a black bag.

4. FITTED AFRICAN PRINTS: Opt for fitted prints! Fabrics that are closer to the body, especially in African prints, if you have petite body you will look a lot more put together rather than bigger, billowy prints which could actually make you larger than you are.

5. SMALL PRINTS ARE THE BEST: Big prints make you look bigger and if you’ve already got a fuller figure, I advise you to stay away from there! Instead, opt for smaller prints which will be much more forgiving!

6. KEEP IT CLASSY: This should come as no surprise, but please don’t wear more than one print at once. Don’t combine an animal print top with a tribal print skirt – it will look trashy rather than classy. So just pick one print and leave the rest simple just like this ;)

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