Saturday, 6 August 2011


1. To make yourself look smashing and trendy, the most vital tip you need to follow is dress right for your body type. Try to wear dresses that best fits your body. Oversized clothes would never make you look good. Likewise, tight fitting clothes are also not a wise choice for a fashionable outlook.

2. While adding on accessories, never add on too much of anything. Make sure your accessories speak more than your dress. Choose the type of jewelry that best fits your dressing and also pick the one that is currently the trend on market. Different varieties of sterling silver ornaments are most preferred now-a-days by fashion lovers. If you are on a wedding or birthday party then wearing a sterling silver necklace or chain makes you look stunning. Make sure whatever jewel you wear blends well with your ensemble.

3. Next important thing you need to be aware of while dressing is, make sure the dress you wear is comfortable for you and thereby reflects your personality in a best way.

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