Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Show Review: Fendi Fall 2013

Karl Lagerfeld has an uncanny knack for blending modernity with classic silhouettes. For his latest collection for Fendi, he looks to bring back the original meaning of the brand’s “FF” insignia, which initially stood for “fun furs.” One of fashion’s longest standing designers succeeds, playing on the house’s signature in exceptional ways. As is inherent to Fall, the brand is quite enthusiastic for the season, splashing the cozy texture everywhere from coats to booties. The Fendi woman does it all effortlessly with a touch of edge thrown in for good measure, courtesy of the collection’s mohawks that are simultaneously punk and ’80s-inspired, but equally as gentle, transforming her into a cockatoo of sorts. The palette has its unconventional moments as well including the requisite neutrals, but also giving way to brights like cobalt and neon pink.
fendi-fall-2013-1 fendi-fall-2013-2 fendi-fall-2013-3 fendi-fall-2013-4 fendi-fall-2013-5
These iterations of fur aren’t like anything you have seen before–Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi let you know that right out of the gate with multicolor stripe coats, skirts, sweaters, and accoutrements. This might be his 96th collection for the brand, but nothing feels the least bit dated or aged, showing us all exactly why Fendi has stuck with Monsieur Lagerfeld for so many years.
fendi-fall-2013-13 fendi-fall-2013-7 fendi-fall-2013-8 fendi-fall-2013-9 fendi-fall-2013-10 fendi-fall-2013-11 fendi-fall-2013-12
Though predominantly focused on the season’s neutral color palette, pops of color shine through in hues of teal, cobalt, and hot pink.
fendi-fall-2013-21 fendi-fall-2013-15 fendi-fall-2013-16 fendi-fall-2013-17 fendi-fall-2013-18 fendi-fall-2013-19 fendi-fall-2013-20
It isn’t just about fur, as leather also plays on the designs, giving them that necessary autumnal edge. From a simple sheath showcasing the texture on just one side to a wrap skirt exposing some thigh with a leather-paneled front, these pieces are among the most wearable in the collection.
Will anyone be bold enough to wear the offerings’ fur-trimmed gowns? I’m not sure the looks are a perfect match for the style of any starlet in Tinseltown at the moment, but only time will tell if these ensembles are red carpet-worthy.
fendi-fall-2013-27 fendi-fall-2013-25 fendi-fall-2013-26
Are you feeling Fendi’s latest collection?

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