Wednesday, 9 April 2003

5 Cool Accessories You Should Try: Bindis, Flower Crowns, Ear Cuffs, and more!

Statement earrings and necklaces are always fun, but when I want to really make a splash, I try to get a little funky with my embellishments. Today, I’m sharing some of my favorites. If you’re looking for ways to add interest to your accessories game, try some of these funky pieces:
1. Sticker Bindis
A bindi is a Southeast Asian embellishment worn in the center of the forehead. Gwen Stefani sported them while she was going through her Southeast Asian style phase in the ’90s, and Azealia Banks was spotted at Coachella rocking one. Bindis are great because they are so easy to wear: they’re a relatively subtle flourish, but they still manage to make a statement. Plus, with a little eyelash glue, you can use them again and again once the original adhesive wears off.

If you want to try one, Etsy sellers like Bindiart and Shaliniscrafts have a pretty good selection of gorgeous bindi sets to choose from, with prices ranging from $4 to $16. Sets usually contain 6-12 bindis, depending on style and size. Topshop also sells bindi sets for $12 bucks. Get the look here:

2. Flower Crowns
A big, blooming flower crown is such a fun accessory for summer, especially at casual cookouts or rooftop fêtes when you want to give your look a whimsical twist.

Indie brand Cult Gaia offers a (somewhat pricey) selection of flower crowns, starting at $75.
If that sounds too rich for your blood, you can get more affordable options here:

3. Ear Cuff and Combs
Ear cuffs have grown in popularity over the last few years, but this version brings a new twist to the trend. The ear cuff end is attached to a hair comb by a (sometimes embellished) chain. All you do is slip the cuff part over your ear, and tuck the comb end into your hair. ASOS has a few options, if you’re looking to give this one a spin:

4. Hanging Tikkas
A “hanging” (my word) tikka is a type of bindi. Tikkas were a prominent accessory in Chanel’s Pre-Fall 2012 show, and Alicia Keys rocked one during Paris Fashion Week. You can find ones that attach to your hair with a hook as well as stick-on options. Wholesale Indian Jewelry site Bombay Jewelry has a huge, super affordable selection of tikkas, if you’re into the look.

5. Nose Chains

This one is not for the faint of heart– or for those who lack the necessary piercings. If you want one, Etsy has a wide selection of nose chains at great prices.
Of course, Kelis takes it to another level!
Indie jewelry designer Nyne Lyves also has a small offering of really cute nose chains.

And there you have it! I told ya, some of these pieces are risky! But I have worn the majority of these items, and they’re fun and sure to turn heads!
Think you’ll try any of these?

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